Prep - Curl Cut & Policies


*Curly Cuts & Pintura/Rezolights*

Please plan to arrive 10 minutes early for your appointment with a fresh clarified, detangled and dry, wash and go style. Late appointments may be canceled or rescheduled at the stylist's discretion so as to ensure that you and future clients get the best service. Clients that arrive with hair that is not prepped as indicated below may incur additional detangling fees at $80/hour or sometimes may need to be canceled or rescheduled due to time in which case the 50% cancellation fee does occur. I want you to have the best experience and to ensure that we have the time to give your hair what it needs. Please text the week prior to your appointment if you have additional questions on preparing your hair. If you believe you will need excess detangling, please call before booking so that I can can book that into the time of your appointment.


prepping your curls for your curly cut

A hair detox or clarifying is highly recommended prior to your scheduled appointment if you are using products that are heavy laden with butters, oils (coconut oil), or silicones (plastics) as this can affect the hair’s ability to hold hydration and a curl and therefore my ability to give a more accurate cut. It is important to wash, detangle, and dry your hair with the natural curl pattern prior to your appointment so that I may provide you the best service. Please do not pull your hair into a ponytail, twists, braids, or anything that will alter the curl pattern prior to a cut or color appointment.

*If you are a client coming for a Bounce Back Treatment and not receiving a cut or color service, stretched hair is fine as long as it is fresh, dry and detangled.

I recommend that clients wash their hair with a gentle and moisturizing cleanser, apply a water soluble conditioner, and a water soluble styling product with hold. If you are unsure/don’t have products that fit this description, don’t panic. Use what you have at home. I always make custom recommendations on products at the time of appointment after an in depth hair analysis. Clients can dry however they are most comfortable, air dry, hood dry or diffuser are all perfectly fine.


  1. Let’s chat! An in-depth consultation that includes a hair analysis where we discuss and finalize our mutually shared vision of your #hairgoals !

  2. I will conduct my initial cut of our agreed upon general shape

  3. You will receive any needed hair moisture, protein, scalp, Olaplex or other treatments for noticeably softer and healthier hair same day!

  4. I will style your hair to maximize your unique texture definition, shine, volume, and bounce.

  5. I will complete the final touches to your cut and style for your beautiful and custom one of a kind

  6. You will receive your appointment notes to take home with custom recommendations for your personal curl routine.

I can’t wait to see you!

Please do not come with your hair up in a bun, braids or twist out. Not following these instructions may result in having to reschedule your appointment.

**Curly cuts and some color service appointments are 2 hours or longer, please plan child care accordingly, salon is not set up for children.


Late appointments may be canceled or rescheduled at the stylist discretion so as to ensure that you and the future clients get the best service.

I understand life happens, however this is 2 hours reserved for you so please kindly give 48 hours notice of reschedules or cancellations, so there is time to offer the time slot to another client.